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Operation Change St. Louis Staff

One of the most powerful elements of Operation Change is the Motivational interviewing component.  Small break out groups work together weekly to set goals, celebrate successes and assist in overcoming obstacles. 

A strong, powerful community is built to sustain long-term life style changes.

The Operation Change Motivational Interviewers 

A Davis 2.jpg

Andrea Davis (Motivational Interviewer)

"Operation Change was a rewarding experience. It provides opportunities for fellowship with other women that is gratifying and fulfilling"


Litdean Williams (Motivational Interviewer)

"I enjoyed being a participant in the program, it was beneficial and fun.  I want to share my experience with the African-American women in the community".


Delphine Pierce (Motivational Interviewer)

"I'm so excited to be with the Operation Change STL team as a Motivational Interviewer. Reflecting on my experience as a participant in 2019 I know this is going to be fun and an enlightening time of growth for the ladies as well as myself.  I look forward to motivating and interacting with the participants in improving their overall health and wellness". 

D Jones 2.jpg

Diana Jones (Motivational Interviewer)

"I have decided to become a part of Operation Change St. Louis because the program has such a profound effect upon me last year [2019]...I want to provide support to women like myself, help speak into their lived and provide a caring community".

Linda Mack  (Motivational Interviewer)

"My experience with Operation Change has been a journey to remember. I've learned and embraced self-love, listen to phenomenal speakers and educators. I cherish the friendships and heartfelt kindness and laughter that I have shared. I am excited to share in the next chapter as a motivational interviewer".


Virginia Young (Motivational Interviewer)

"I participated in the 2022 program.  I enjoyed and learned from the multiple speakers who inspired me and others to be advocates for our own health".


Darlene Donegan, Ed.D  (Program Manager)

Dr. Donegan has taught yoga in the St. Louis area for several years.  She teaches Social Studies at a local alternative high school and leads a free virtual yoga class specifically focused on pranayama. She is a yoga instructor on staff for the North City & County YMCAs, as well as an expert speaker and instructor of yoga for Operation Change St. Louis 2018.  She served on the executive team of Operation Change St Louis as well as being the lead Motivational Interview Specialist for Operation Change 2019. Currently, she serves as Program Director of Operation Change St. Louis and is the founder of the non-profit organization Beyond Possibilities.

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