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About Operation Change St Louis 
For the Community, By the Community

Operation Change St Louis is one of six non-profit women empowerment Operation Change programs in the United States.  It is sponsored by Movement is Life, a multi-disciplinary coalition seeking to eliminate racial, ethnic and gender disparities in muscle and joint health by promoting physical mobility to improve quality of life among women who are African American, Hispanic/Latina or live in rural communities.  The first Operation Change program began in Chicago in 2012.  St Louis hosted its first pilot program in 2018 and a full program in 2019. Operation Change is a paradigm shift from traditional exercise or weight loss programs. The goal of Operation Change is to stimulate behavioral changes in activities, educate participants on choices that support mental, physical and emotional well-being to improve the overall health of African American women over the age of 45.  The 18-week program consists of 3 hour sessions once a week.  The sessions have 3 components: healthcare education presentation from local experts, structured physical movement that are engaging, and small group motivational interviewing.  Participants have experienced improved mobility, greater awareness of how to maintain overall good health and a sisterhood that supports on-going sustainable change. 


Operation Change St Louis is committed to inspiring, educating and empowering African American women to live their best life through education, movement and community. 

" I am inspired by the women who run this program and their professionalism and their kindness they show to me and other ladies here.
I like the structure of the meetings, and the speakers that come and share their knowledge.  One of the takeaways I got from this program that I will continue is walking and being sure I get my steps in each day and learning to practice self-care and self-love."  Operation Change STL 2023 graduate. 


Transforming Communities, One Person at a Time

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